MQ! Hub

With our MQ! Hubs it is about bringing the idea of the MQ! to the outside world. We take some of the workspaces of the 2017 MQ! Innovation Summit and conduct them in different settings, such as congresses, festivals, etc.

The first MQ! Hub took place at the Year of the Dog Festival on 18th April in Munich. Dennis Heine, a strategist at Autonomous Intelligent Driving (AID) Gmbh (a 100% Audi-owned company), and Miklos Kiss, Head of Pre-Development Automated Driving at AUDI AG, worked with 30 festival attendees on the question of “which obstacles are still in the way of autonomous driving?” Thus, the participants gained an expert insight into the current progress of the development of autonomous driving technology and dived into topics such as infrastructural and legislative challenges as well as ethical boundaries.

Interested in an upcoming MQ! Hub? Work is in progress. We keep you informed here!

Curious about what happened at the first MQ!?

Check out the highlights and see how we started off with inspiring talks, had a great party at the end of day one and got to work ourselves on day two – all with the goal of defining a mobility quotient.