MQ! Insights

Which are the newest and most promising innovations in mobility? In order to keep you posted, we are gathering the current developments of the mobility market, giving you some easy to grasp background information on the newest buildout and thus preparing you for this year’s MQ! conference in Beijing.

Fuel Cells: China’s Next Big Thing

Short ranges and long charging times continue to be the main problem with electric vehicles. The solution could be fuel cells that convert hydrogen into electrical energy — China is shifting the focus of its research and funding towards just that.

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China Makes Strides in Autonomous Driving

When it comes to the future of mobility, there’s no way around autonomous driving. In the coming decades, almost every mode of transportation could operate without a person at the wheel.

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10 reasons why China is the shining model of electric mobility

While the West is still dreaming, the industrious East has been ushering a new era of transportation. Read here what China is up to on its way to being the key player to electric mobility.

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The number of China’s electric charging stations is skyrocketing

China is rising to be the world’s capital of electric transportation with the biggest number of electric vehicles roaming the streets – and many more to come.

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