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What’s going on in the world of technology? Which megatrends shape the way we live? What keeps us from embracing new technologies despite their obvious benefits? The MQ! Innovation Summit is the place to take a closer look at the newest and most promising innovations in mobility – and beyond! We have gathered a loose collection of background information on developments and facts of today’s tech-positive society according to the topics of the MQ! Virtual Innovation Summit 2020.

When will we perceive autonomous driving as safe?

Autonomous driving is reality. There are self-driving cars and driverless busses. Yet it is kind of a parallel reality, as there is still a wide gap between technology, user trust, and real-life requirements. Still, there is enormous potential with regard to society, safety and economy.

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When will we solve the puzzle of the covid pandemic mobility implications?

When COVID-19 hit, it immediately shed a light on the contradictions that the automotive world at large was faced with.

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What do we need to make digital learning a success?

With Corona upending our daily lives, the pandemic also affected hundreds of millions of pupils, students, but also professionals, in their education. Educational institutions worldwide are now trying to catch up on the digital shift they have been fatally putting off for too long. OECD data show that more than a 100 countries worldwide have at least temporarily shut down schools in an effort to curb the pandemic, affecting more than 1.2 billion children and youth.

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Will gaming shape our future?

Our future will be shaped strongly by computer games. At least that’s what Dominik Rinnhofer predicts. He is a professor for Game Design at Stuttgart’s Macromedia Hochschule. And he is probably right.

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What makes gamification more than just a child‘s play?

The buzzword “Gamification” has been doing the rounds for quite some time now, gaining huge momentum in parallel with digital learning initiatives during lockdown and the COVID-triggered revolution of the event industry which necessitated a turnaround on teaching and interaction methods.

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