Date: 12/04/2019 – Author: Thomas Bott
Reading time: 2 minutes

This year, the MQ! Innovation Summit will take place in a special location: the Phoenix Center in Beijing. Located in the southwest corner of the 288.7 hectare Chaoyang Park, it connects the city’s biggest park to the city center. In 2007, media company Phoenix Television first proposed the building of a media center, and only a year later, construction began. The center was finally completed in 2014 and is now one of Phoenix Television’s three main Asian region locations.

The government-owned Beijing Institute for Architectural Design was responsible for the design — with the Möbius strip serving as inspiration. The design features a torus, donut-like shape with a twisting lattice of steel connected from a web of metal struts and 3,800 glass panels. The overarching structure houses two independent buildings within its center.

The two building-in-building towers feature a combined 13 floors and a total area of 72,478 square meters. Parts of which are reserved for some Phoenix Television offices and studios. Also housed within this iconic structure are large areas available for the public and events — such as the MQ! Innovation Summit 2019.

Beyond the exhibition spaces within the Phoenix Center are many sights to explore. On the eleventh floor there is a café with a great view of the adjacent park. On the second floor there is even an indoor garden to relax in. The corridors also showcase cultural attractions with numerous statues and busts.

Getting from building to building quickly is made possible with the structure’s seven escalators — two of which have a vertical lift of 20.3 meters — while 15 elevators ensure a quick change among the 13 floors. The technology used comes from the German company Kone, which also installed machine-room-less elevators which travel at a speed of 2.5 meters per second.