The Agenda '17

At the 2017 innovation summit MQ! The Mobility Quotient run by Audi, 400 participants from all over the world experienced two days jam-packed with workspaces allowing them to provide their own ideas for the future of mobility and inspiring keynotes – moderated by Jean Pierre Kraemer.

Day 1


On day one visionary speakers from all around the world were on the MQ!-stage and spoke about their impact on social, spacial, temporal and sustainable mobility.

Day 2


On day two guests were able to participate in three out of 12 workspaces allowing them to personally tackle the challenges those four fields of mobility hold for the future.


You missed this year´s summit! But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop keeping you updated on the innovation and the results we achieved – together with our inspiring speakers and attendees from all around the world: Go straight to our Social Wall and have a look at what’s up with the MQ!.