Anna Nixon

Anna Nixon

Robotics enthusiast and STEM4Girls co-founder 

From gifted student to inspiring young leader and Tech and AI Speaker of the Year 2017: at 20 years of age, award-winning roboticist, teacher, founder and STEM evangelist, Anna Nixon has achieved more than many professionals in their entire career.  The inspiring co-founder of STEM4Girls continues to encourage the post-millennial youth to begin learning such subjects from a young age. She doesn’t tire to push the importance of education and to make sure that everyone has equal educational opportunities despite their gender, encouraging females to study and pursue roles of science, technology, engineering and maths.

At MQ! Virtual Innovation Summit 2020, Anna Nixon pursues the question of what it takes to spark a passion for learning in the next generation and her experiences regarding how technology can be used to drive change.


STEM4Girls is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring young people to pursue opportunities and learning in STEM fields. STEM4Girls works with local organizations to showcase technology in fun and exciting ways, host workshops for youth and provide funding and mentoring for FIRST Robotics teams.