Anna Nixon

Anna Nixon

Robotics pioneer

17 year old Anna Nixon is currently a senior in high school. She has grown up with an avid interest in STEM, because her parents used to bring home the latest gadgets to play with. The first time she worked with robots was in elementary school and she has been competing in robotics competitions since she was 7 years old.
Nixon’s passion for science and technology led her to co-found STEM4Girls, a non-profit organization that works to get more girls involved in STEM activities. She is currently working at Autodesk on the Synthesis team and creates a robotics simulator for teams to test their code and their designs in a virtual environment.

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As women are vastly underrepresented STEM4Girls aims to instill a love for STEM in girls everywhere. The non-profit organization has sponsored and provided mentorship to multiple FIRST Robotics teams and offers grants to teams that encourage girls to participate in STEM. It runs various camps where students learn about programming, robotics, and science through hands-on activities. Because today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders.