Caritta Seppä

Caritta Seppä

Co-founder of Tespack and Forbes 30 Under 30

Caritta Seppä is not only the COO and co-founder of Tespack, she was also selected as Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2018 and one of the Winning Women Entrepreneurs in Europe 2017 by EY.

Seppä studied International Politics and earned a Bachelor Degree in International Relations and Public Diplomacy. She’s been one of the organizers of the first Women in Tech Forum in Lima and has been a TEDx speaker in Finland. She is currently one of the global youth leader ambassadors of the One Young World community and has been a keynote speaker at several tech events and conferences. Seppä also advises and mentors women-led tech startups and is passionate about supporting aspiring entrepreneurs.


The Finnish company Tespack specializes in mobile energy, in designing, developing and patenting portable energy solutions for people and companies working in off-grid regions. Their vision is to make every individual energy independent. Tespack combines solar energy, IoT and power electronics to power all mobile devices anywhere, anytime. Rescue Workers and NGOs such as Plan International, for example, can respond faster and more efficiently and work in rural regions independently with tech like this. Even the first astronauts on Mars might benefit from Tespack technology due to their partnerships with scientists and experts in different fields.