Daizong Liu

Daizong Liu

Director of China Sustainable Cities Program, World Resources Institute

Revolutionizing traffic in China is one of Daizong Liu’s daily tasks. He makes cities smarter, safer, and more sustainable. In addition to his work at the World Resources Institute, Liu is a board member and expert for several organizations and committees including the Expert Committee of Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, the World Transportation Convention, and the Chinese Society for Urban Studies. Liu has written two books and more than 20 papers on transport and traffic.

In 2017, Liu’s Yixi talk (Yixi is the Chinese equivalent of TED talks) titled “Street for All” received great acclaim. His presentation was one of the most popular talks of the conference that year. The following year he was again invited to speak and created more buzz with his talk “Future Transportation and Innovative Cities.” He continues to inspire at events and conferences, as well as TV interviews.

Daizong Liu holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from National University of Singapore, and Bachelor’s degree in Transportation Engineering from Southeast University in China. Throughout the past 20 years, Liu has worked extensively in transit development for more than 20 cities in China.

For Daizon Liu, the MQ! Innovation Summit 2019 was all about autonomous driving. According to him, the technology is much more than just an interesting innovation: “We believe that autonomous driving can increase mobility efficiency. This is what is called a break wave.” At the same time, autonomous vehicles open up many new possibilities for users. “Autonomous driving provides a little extra living space. It is no longer just a driving space. You can sleep in the car, enjoy breakfast in the car, and arrive at work on time“.

Companies, on the other hand, do not have to worry about losing their business through autonomous driving: “The future is not just about technology — the future is also about business model. Shared economy combined with mobility creates money.” In the automotive industry there is even potential for savings through autonomous driving. “We can use resources together and the automotive industry is perfect for that.”

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