Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto

Author and journalist

Fatima Bhutto is an internationally-recognized journalist, author and political activist with a family background in politics in Pakistan. She is the granddaughter of Prime Minister Zulfikar, niece of Prime Minister Benazir and the daughter of Murtaza, all three of whom were murdered or executed.

Bhutto grew up in exile, being effectively stateless, and wrote her dissertation on the resistance movement in Pakistan. At the early age of 15 Bhutto came to public note after the publication of her first book, a collection of poems. Since then she has written five notable books and countless articles for The News, New York Times, and many others. Moving from country to country from an early age, she has experience of social mobility.

Global Publications

Fatima Bhutto’s articles have appeared in a host of global publications as diverse as Vogue and the Guardian, amongst many others. Her various books and social-political activism in Pakistan include work in the field of women’s empowerment, Karachi’s slum populations and archiving press restrictions, which has led to her being invited to speak on a wide range of issues around the world. In 2012, she was selected to be a Young Global Leader for the World Economics Forum for her professional accomplishments and commitment to society. And she’s only 35 years old.