Ron Garan

Ron Garan

NASA Astronaut (retired) and Serial Entrepreneur

Ron Garan is a former NASA astronaut and traveled 71,075,867 miles in 2,842 orbits of the planet over 178 days in space. He is a highly decorated fighter pilot, test pilot, explorer, and social entrepreneur, who has founded multiple business enterprises and social-impact focused startups. He is presently the Senior Vice President for Mission Operations and Chief Pilot of the commercial spaceflight company World View Inc. as well as the president of Constellation, a non-profit coalition of astronauts from all around the world who are providing a message of hope for our future.

World View

World View is developing both crewed and uncrewed stratospheric platforms to carry satellite-like equipment and people to the edge of space.

Constellation is a non-profit effort to design, communicate and build a positive roadmap for our future.