Panel Discussions

We want to hear your very own perspective on future-driven mobility topics. Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to our panels and ask questions to an interdisciplinary body of experts. Within the unique setting of our MQ! arena we will arrange three panel discussions parallel to the workspace rounds. Make sure to grab a seat and be a part when it comes to setting an important milestone for tomorrow’s mobility by intertwining impulses, remarks and expertise of a broadly experienced audience. More information about the exact issues and the participating experts will be available soon. Stay curious!

Sustainable Mobility

You should definitely join, if you’re into sustainable mobility. How realistic is sustainable private transport? How will shared mobility change our everyday lives and the car ownership structure? Which technologies will arise next? Let’s find out together with our panel host Don Dahlmann.

Cast members:

  • Lisa Füting (Audi Business Innovation GmbH)
  • Jens Stoewhase (Founder & editor in chief
  • Yu Zhao (Scott) (Senior Trend Analyst at Audi Innovation Research (AIR) Beijing)

November 8th, 5.15 – 6.30 pm

Don Dahlmann

Author, journalist, speaker, consultant

Don Dahlmann is an author in the field of “Automotive & Mobility”. He has been a successful journalist, author and PR consultant in the automotive, mobility, social media, motor sports, lifestyle an travel sectors for many years.

Smart Cities and Big Data

We will discuss the possibilities of smart cities in connection with data with you. Which opportunities will arise for cities in terms of traffic flows, security and planning with the usage of open data? And what about the issue of privacy and data protection?

Cast members:

  • Philipp Kraft (SVP Product E.ON)
  • Lutz Fügener (Head of Transportation Design at the University of Pforzheim, Co-owner of StudioFT and Freelance Journalist)

November 9th, 10.15 – 11.45 am

Martin Randelhoff

Urban Planner and Transport Scientist

The Mobility Quotient

Panel 3 aims to challenge the change process which the future of mobility will bring – or not. Will automated vehicles really disrupt our routines? And if, to what extent will mobility patterns be changed? Jens Schippl and Torsten Fleischer, both researchers of mobility innovation and technology, look forward to considering this topic scientifically and discussing with you.

November 9th, 12.45 – 2.00 pm

Jens Schippl

Research of mobility innovation and technology

Torsten Fleischer is heading the research area “Innovation processes and impacts of technology” at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He focuses on informatization and automation in mobility and interactions between technological and societal change.

Torsten Fleischer

Research of mobility innovation and technology

Jens Schippl is a senior researcher at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. His research interests include sociotechnical processes of change, foresight, and technology assessment in the mobility sector. In particular, he’s interested in the interplay between digitalization and automation.


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