Which obstacles are still in the way of autonomous driving?

With the new Audi A8 the company is taking a bold step ahead on the road to autonomous driving.
But what actually is the state of the art in autonomous driving today?
How is autonomous driving tech evolving in the future?
What are the key challenges in bringing a self-driving car to the roads?
What might be potential solutions and what would be their implications?
We took a glance beyond the obvious.
This workspace addressed these and many more inspiring questions.
We took a glance at the opportunities and threats of autonomous driving tech.

Dennis Heine

Strategy, TechScouting, Partnerships Self-driving Systems, AUDI AG Dennis Heine is hooked by the benefits of self-driving systems – and started working on strategies to let them become reality. At Audi he scouts and implements cutting edge technology. He told us how to give cars eyes and brains.

Ron Melz

Advanced Development Autonomous Driving, AUDI AG Ron Melz develops smart systems by combining machine learning and embedded systems engineering. He shared the experiences he gained on computer vision tasks, safety-critical flight control software – and how it contributes to autonomous driving.


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