Workspace outcome

Dennis Heine

Strategy, TechScouting, Partnerships Self-driving Systems, AUDI AG After qualifying for university entrance, Dennis studied economics, statistics and psychology in Göttingen, San Diego, California (USA), Bergen (Norway) and Mannheim, and concluded a Master of Science degree majoring in Corporate Finance. He was first able to pursue his fascination with autonomous driving during the International Graduate Program at Volkswagen AG. He was one of the first “pioneers” to be a true believer in the revolutionary approach. He has contributed to promoting the subject ever since, especially by bringing technical and business perspectives together. He supported the establishment of Audi’s wholly owned subsidiary AID and is moving from Audi to the start-up, initially in order to continue working on the strategy and then setting up the partner network.

Ron Melz

Advanced Development Autonomous Driving, AUDI AG Ron Melz develops smart systems by combining machine learning and embedded systems engineering. He shared the experiences he gained on computer vision tasks, safety-critical flight control software – and how it contributes to autonomous driving.


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