How might we fulfil well-being in mobility?

With the advent of new types of mobility, our perspective on current vehicle technology is continually changing. Function and design, and elements that once stood in the foreground, are gradually fading to the background. Meanwhile, the interaction between the user and the vehicle gravitates toward the middle: What needs and wishes will users have in the future? How will the interaction between the user and mobility solutions change with new technologies and use cases? In this workspace we will create a tangible vision of our future mobility by focusing on specific user needs.

Pedro Oliveira

Technology and Innovation Evangelist Pedro is an experienced head of department with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. He leads an extremely talented innovation team at PSW automotive engineering GmbH, which combines creative thinking, user-centered and prototype-driven design to improve the mobility of the future.

Isabel Wesche

Visionary and Questioner for a Sustainable Future Mobility After challenging positions and great experience in the overall automotive development process, Isabel found her place as leader of innovation & sustainability at PSW. She is a creative coach, forward thinker and networker to make people mobile.

Junli Fan

R&D Engineer and Innovation Explorer As an experienced R&D engineer, Junli focuses on developing vehicle bodies with innovative and creative methods. His motto: Every new vision is inspiring, keep an open mind and embrace the infinite possibilities of the automotive future.