How might we change our daily life due to autonomous vehicles and driving?

Autonomous vehicle technology is creating new possibilities of changing our daily lives and expanding the freedom of subjective, personal, and social capabilities. In this workspace we will investigate two different ways in which autonomous vehicles will have an impact on the way we live: as a mode of transportion for personal mobility and as a transporter of goods.

Dr. Claudia Weber

Senior Developer Human-centered ADAS/AD Design During her career, Dr. Claudia Weber was always focused on very innovative topics. Following her start in the vehicle safety department at AUDI AG in 2007, she moved to the driver assistance systems development and took over the responsibility for next-generation human machine interaction. Since 2019 Dr. Claudia Weber is in charge of the china specific human machine interaction for advanced driver assistance systems at the Audi China R&D Center.

Xi Li

Team Manager Development Connected Driving Functions & HMI Since he joined Audi (China) in 2013, Xi Li has focused on the HMI development for the in-car infotainment. As the project manager, he lead Audi’s HMI development for China specific features, as well as the HMI user interface of the first generation of Audi’s hybrid vehicle A6LPHeV. Since 2019, Mr. Li is leading a team for the development of V2X connected vehicle features, as well as the China specific HMI work for the ADAS system at Audi China R&D center.