How might startup methods help us build products that trigger a smile every time we use them?

At Audi’s Software Development Center (SDC) we build digital services. Our passion for technology drives us to proudly build SW-products that matter. To create an outstanding customer experience, we apply a lean startup approach and iterate through Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) based on a strong product vision and early customer feedback.
Let us design a MVP for the next digital service that will revolutionize the future of mobility!

Patrick Rumpel

Office Director Software Development Center After 25 years in software engineering, Patrick has been exposed to all different kinds of trends, technology hypes, buzzwords, killer applications and “wannabe” best practices. His real eye opener was his time as head of an Audi Innovation office in San Francisco, where he experienced a complete different culture and way of working. In his current role as an office director at Audi’s Software Development Center in Ingolstadt he helps his team establish the right mindset to build premium digital services.

Sebastian Kister

Platform Owner Kubernetes & Public Clouds bei AUDI AG Sebastian is an agile digital native with 8 successfully impemented projects in 7 industries. He is a startup-professional who helped to shape products from genesis to market leader with bleeding-edge technology. Always striving to innovate and question the status quo, he helps to break dogmas, implement a new culture and never settles while pursuing constant progress. Currently he is leading a competence center in IT infrastructure and aligning all brands in the VW Group with the mission to once again boldly go where no one has gone before.