How might we build in-car applications with and for everybody?

Expectations of customers regarding the digital services offered in the car are rapidly changing. Why do drivers have to rely on only a few selected services or, in the worst case, rely on their phone in order to stay connected? With autonomous driving on its way, it is safe to assume that the role of cars will transform from being mere means of transport, to places of consumption.

In this workspace we will make use of the creativity and innovative spirit of everybody in the room. Let’s use our concentrated energy to create a service that is available to you and all Audi customers.

Markus Hummel

Program Manager Connected Car Markus is at the forefront when it comes to creating an amazing in-car experience through innovative digital services. His goal is to transform the car to a hub of entertainment and well-being. For more than 10 years he has been working in consumer electronics and automotive connectivity. Markus loves all things tech and is a passionate entrepreneur and founder of a successful startup. Currently he is working on the in-car experience of the future at Audi China and is first-hand experiencing the digital lifestyle of Chinese consumers, who are setting the pace and raising expectations for an immersive connected car experience.

Yuanyuan Ma

Android Platform Development Engineer Yuanyuan has been with Audi China since 2012 and has focused on the in-car infotainment system ever since. After several years' work on traditional in-car speech dialog systems, she extended those systems to Android platform with more functionalities. And now as an Android platform development engineer, Yuanyuan is eager to build up an in-car infotainment platform, where all developers can easily bring in their innovations and where our consumers can experience a friendly, interesting and useful system.