How might we change car development with big data technologies?

Highly connected, integrated, autonomous: That is what tomorrow’s mobility will be like. But how do we develop the modern and complex IT and Big Data solutions it takes whilst clearing the stage for some new and efficient engineering? This workshop will focus on today’s automotive industry and its challenges. Let’s generate new ideas together and talk about technological, social and economic opportunities.

Sebastian Horn

M.Sc. Computer Science During his studies of Computer Science, Sebastian focused on the relationship between IT and automotive systems. He is enthusiastic about the capabilities of modern data technologies applied to vehicle development. He joined Audi in 2018 enabling engineers to answer Big Data questions using tailored cloud-based solutions. 

Reinhard Hatko

Diploma Computer Science Since 2014, Reinhard has supported engineers in solving their problems using measurement data. In 2018, he joined Audi developing software for Big Data-based analysis of automotive data. Prior, he studied Computer Science at the University of Wuerzburg and did research in the area of knowledge-based systems.

Hendrik Vogel

Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics After several years of studying at the Max Planck Institute for Physics and Stanford University on the impact of Dark Matter on our Universe, Hendrik became fascinated by the rapid development of autonomous driving in Silicon Valley. Hendrik joined Audi in 2018 and is now developing cloud-based solutions for the big data challenges of the future.