How might we change the future of mobility with hydrogen?

Emission-free mobility is here. There are several options, but none is broadly established yet. Several questions are still to be answered. How will it adapt to our lives? Or do we have to adapt our lives to it? Regarding keywords such as refueling time and range. Can digitalization and autonomous driving help establish emission-free mobility? What about the availability within cities? And even more challenging: on the countryside? Is hydrogen the key or should we concentrate on electricity? Or would it be best to entrench several both simultaneously in dependence of each craft’s usage purpose? How does the ideal portfolio of premium manufacturers and providers look like?

Joerg Starr

Technical Project Manager, AUDI AG After graduating with Dipl.-Ing. in mechanical engineering, Joerg got into chassis development in Mercedes Benz and worked there for 15 years. Since 2008 Joerg is working as project manager for Audi in several electrification projects. He is founding member of the group office fuel cell at Audi and member of the strategic circle of the clean energy partnership. He works for several national and international projects on the go to market strategy for hydrogen.


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