How might we close the loop?

Just imagine: 2 million premium cars contain approx. 400 mi kilograms of high-quality plastics! Which currently go unused at the end of the vehicle lifetime. Why not re-purpose this valuable feedstock for high-quality recyclate to produce parts for new vehicles? Yet how might we find a sustainable and economical way to get hold of these cars and their materials, respectively? Any ideas? Then join us in our workspace and let us close the loop!

Denis Wohlfahrt

Graduate Engineer Denis started at Audi in 2011 as an seat structure engineer, working on several projects for the following 7 years. In October 2018, the graduate transferred from engineering to purchasing, gathering first experiences with recyclate.

Lars Merkert

Graduate Engineer Lars started at Audi in 2011, developing seats' plastic parts. In October 2014 he transferred to the purchasing department, since then specializing in feasibility analyses of plastic parts.

Jacqueline Gärber

Audi Graduate Trainee After studying psychology in the United States Jacqueline started at Audi's Graduate Program in September 2018 with an internship in process management for the Procurement department. In May 2019 she became a full-time Audi employee within the Graduate Program, since then gathering experience in Series Procurement, the Audi in-house Consultancy, and the Supplier Management department.