How might we create digital fun in a car?

Vehicles are not only a form of transport, but also a part of a lifestyle. They should therefore offer users not only comfort, but also a lot of fun. Whether alone or on trips with friends, having a good time is always a valuable commodity. Due to the limited space in a car, this is not easy to accomplish — which is why digital systems are the focus of attention. However, they should not distract the driver, at least during the journey. Striking the right balance was the goal of this workspace. In addition, it was important to find out how people in China define fun in the first place.

The initial portion of the workspace was devoted to precisely this question. The next step was to transfer the results to an Augmented Reality Head-Up Display. First and foremost, the participants came up with games that in some cases could even improve the driver’s attention. One mini-game, for example, was to collect points by maintaining the correct safety distance. Other ideas included integrating the smart home or a digital pet that would be present on all trips. The participants could sketch their ideas and visualize them in a concrete way for the Head-Up Display.

Arnold Kieferle

UI/UX Designer Arni has studied media design and worked for several digital agencies, where he was responsible for websites and app projects. As somebody who is not only into technology but also cars, he decided to join Audi's UI & UX Design team four years ago. Currently he is the lead in the UI/UX design team in the Chinese studio, where he is creating the mobility of the future.

Christopher Jung

UI/UX Designer Another one of Audi's fabulous UI/UX design team: Christopher has a diploma in product design and showed his creativity fashioning product-, automotive- and interface designs. Since 2010 he has been with Audi, creating interfaces for tomorrow's cars.