How might we create exceptional user experience based on real customers needs?

Why buy a premium car if all vehicles are driving automated?
Exceptional UX will make all the difference between an exciting car and a mere means of transportation. To create these experiences, we need to think about what users really need. In this workshop you will define user requirements along psychological needs for use cases like watching sports/esports together, and gaming. Let’s shape the premium experience of tomorrow!

Valeria Bopp-Berten­breiter

PhD Candidate and Research Associate Valeria studied Human-Computer Systems and Human Factors Engineering in Würzburg and Munich. After graduating as M.Sc. she started working on User Experience in the context of automated driving at the University of Stuttgart in 2019. She is currently working on her PhD at Audi Development UX / UI Innovations.

Kirsten Wellkamp

Delivery Manager & Scrum Master In her role as delivery manager and SCRUM master at the Audi IT department, Kirsten provides digital solutions for a whole range of Audi's challenges. With her background in industrial engineering she is facinated and challenged by working with bits and bytes instead of gears and screws. Learning new things, tackling new frontiers and working with passionate collegueas in an agile environment  is her motivation to drive the digital future of Audi. 

Dana Erulin

MSc. Dana holds a degree in (international) business management, having studied in Aachen, Edinburgh, Nancy, and Münster. After graduating, Dana participated in the AUDI AG graduate programme. In her current role at the Audi Academy Dana oversees project management trainings.