How might we decode the Chinese customers’ needs for electric mobility?

With the leap to electric mobility, vehicles are changing significantly. The same applies to the demands placed on them. Certain features may be less important, others much more than before. Differences between individual markets should also be taken into account in order to offer users a vehicle with functions tailored to their needs. With China in mind, this workspace was all about that.

First, the participants were given a presentation of the user experience of the Audi e-tron. This was followed by a presentation on how the product should be expanded to include additional functions and services in the future. Three groups dealt with the topics VR, AR, and the car. The participants came to the conclusion that an even clearer distinction between electric vehicles and the competitors and Audi’s ICE vehicles is needed — in other words, a clear identity is imperative. In addition, stronger cooperation with the Internet giants from China would be beneficial in order to adapt even faster to the changing demands of the market. Concerns about electromobility should be resolved by services that deal with issues such as the replacement of vehicle batteries.

Dr. Christian Balzer

Head of Audi Innovation Research (AIR) Beijing Christian is Head of Audi Innovation Research (AIR) Beijing. AIR helps several business units within AUDI AG and Audi China to develop the right products, services or experiences for the Chinese market. AIR decodes customers' expectations today and explores China's tomorrow. Previously Christian worked in several positions at Audi's headquarters and led projects in several markets, e.g. the U.S., India, Japan, UK, Belgium and Germany.

Ming Zhu

Senior Research Analysist Ming is the Senior Research Analysist at Audi Innovation Research (AIR) Beijing. AIR works on diverse research directions. Ming is mainly responsible for market research projects with the focus on product, digitalization and innovation; as well as the agile online customer insight platform – Audi Innovators Circle. Before Ming joined AIR, she gained rich experience in market research for the automotive industry from one of the leading global market research firms in Germany.