How might we define the value of premium mobility?

From car ownership to mobility as a service: This is not just one of Audi’s challenges but the general direction of the whole automotive industry. Which new ways of transport are there and what do they mean for a premium OEM? Taking into consideration regional aspects and KPIs, we would love to track and steer the success of the new business model.

Bernd Nägel

Product Planning and Strategy Bernd has been with the AUDI AG since 2015. He completed his studies in Computer Science in 2003 in Dresden where he proved himself to be a real genius with numbers: He solved a mathematical chess problem so well, it was enough for a world best performance. After that he was Head of a sports marketing firm. In 2011 he started at Volkswagen, where he was engaged in the distribution of the low-energy model XL-1.

Matthias Frank

Divisional Controlling Audi Group Matthias has a business management degree gained in his hometown university of Nürnberg as well as Barcelona. From 2005 till 2010 Frank held various positions in finance and sales for the brand Seat at the Volkswagen Group. From 2011 till 2015 he worked in Beijing – first for Bentley, later on he was responsible for controlling of Volkswagen's import vehicles. He joined AUDI in 2015.