How might we define „total cost of mobility“?

In this workspace we want to focus on the financial part of the MQ formula. Mobility is changing from ownership to seamless and convenient on-demand usage. New business solutions shoot like a pinball in existing business infrastructures and move the MQ upwards. We want to measure the financial impact on the total cost of mobility from the perspective of a user and from the perspective of the old and new economy, by e.g. identifing all dimensions for mobility, finding useful KPI’s and challenging finance methods for calculation.

Matthias Frank

Head of Business Analytics, evaluation volume and foreign currency planning Matthias Frank is a business analysis manager with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry and a broad experience in international business, revenue & profit growth, pricing strategy, market research and project coordination. His main focuses are the transformation of the current business models towards digitization, the use case development and automation of current processes plus machine learning.

Bernd Nägel

Controlling Digitization, strategic field data Bernd Nägel is working in the financial strategy side of the car industry. He was part of the project management at VW for the first hybrid car XL1. Today he is controlling business activities around the navigation technology company HERE at Audi.

Björn Junghanns

Project Manager financial product planning Björn Junghanns is working in the financial strategy product planning department. After 16 years in various positions at Audi he is focusing at strategic product planning und mobility service concepts. He is one of the founding fathers of the AUDI AICON project and is now responsible for business plans of various mobility concepts.

Kevin Fleischhauer

Expert in Connected Mobility Strategy, Volkswagen Group Strategy – New Business Kevin Fleischhauer is strategist within the VW Group Strategy – New business department. He is responsible for selected service strategies, the Group Digital Service Portfolio and the Group digital service market model. He was part of different strategy projects towards the topics digitization, e-mobility and shared mobility like “digitization VW brand”, “Group Charging Strategy 2025” or “Group Mobility Strategy 2025”.


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