How might we design a service to balance the requirements of users, cities and technology players?

Which is the design of a mobility system and how to move it from static to a dynamic design? Space is the crossing point among users, cities and technology players, the crossing point of their fluid expectations, needs and pain points. We all live in a permanent flow of change and transformation. Look at that not just as a problem. Why not design it as an opportunity giving users, cities and technology players the possibility to negotiate alternatives on the field, on data, with analytics, in real time? No more one solution for all situations, but alternatives fitting the context, the present. Join us in this workshop to experience how the design of mobility can be friendly and smart through the active engagement of all the stakeholders.

Massimo Martinotti

Head of Mobility Solutions B.U. Massimo Martinotti is an Aeronautical Engineer who has worked in Automotive R&D, covering different positions and developing complex multicultural projects with different OEMs. Currently he is heading IDG Mobility Solutions B.U. crossing mobility transformation, new business models and digital products.

Jennifer Raffin

Head of Strategy Jennifer Raffin holds an M.Sc in Business Management with International Marketing (dist.) and has worked as a Strategy & Management Consultant mostly in the automotive industry for more than 8 years. Currently she is heading the Strategy Department of IDG and in addition manages projects in the field of new mobility.