How might we design the interior based on users’ needs?

Design is more than just shape; it’s a part of a bigger idea. It’s about people, their needs, purpose, and attitude. With the current shift from owning a car to merely accessing it, the challenge of creating a positive driving experience and joy of use for drivers is even greater. As an enabler for mobility, Audi strives to create cars that transfer real users’ needs into concrete interior concepts – thus creating rides that are more than just getting from A to B. In this workspace, help us identify what kind of experiences our users desire in the driver’s seat.


Interior Architecture Designer In 2012, Vincent joined the Audi Interior Design team in Ingolstadt and, since then, has been identifying the trends of the future and implementing them into his interior designs. For a short term assignment in Beijing, he is here to build a stronger connection between the studios and understand the needs of the Chinese market. Vincent is driven by creating the most convenient interior spaces for the Audi customers.

Stephan Fahr-Becker

Head of Audi Design China Stephan became the new Head of the Audi Design China team recently. Understanding the needs of the Chinese car market, finding the trends of the future and creating designs beyond the ordinary will be his new task in the Beijing Design Studio. His passion for bold exterior shapes had its beginnings at Pforzheim University, where Stephan studied Transportation Design. As an Audi Exterior Designer, he worked on several projects like the Audi e-tron , the actual A5 and the upcoming A3 family.