How might we empower the momentum for sustainable mobility?

Sustainability is vital for our planet and society. Fortunately it is also seen as a core asset for companies and their long term social acceptance. As a basis for their strategic planning and operational business, global players need to gain a deep understanding of a culture’s individual expectations regarding sustainability and environmental necessities. In this workspace, the focus is therefore on fostering this understanding through exchange, discussing the dimensions of responsibility of the individual stakeholders and identfying collaborative activity fields. All this should end in a creative part, in which we design a sustainable premium car.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter F. Tropschuh

Head of Sustainability Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter F. Tropschuh studied and did his doctorate at TU Munich. In 1988 he started working in technological development at AUDI AG. He´s been Secretary-General and led the predevelopment and development management departments, among others. He also built the department for scientific projects from the ground up. In 2006 he transferred to Volkswagen AG, where he led the AutoUni. As the person in charge of the department of strategy for sustainability Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter F. Tropschuh switched back to AUDI AG in 2011.

Xinyu Liang

Senior Communication Officer Xinyu joined Audi China in 2017. As a PR professional, his field of work covers market intelligence, PR relations, as well as sustainability topics. Before joining Audi, Xinyu accumulated rich experience in various forms of corporations from avant-garde internet giant and NEV start-up to traditional automotive suppliers. He holds a degree both in German Studies and Media Economics.