How might we improve in-car shopping experience while autonomous driving?

Nowadays customers are already allowed to do quick purchases of specific types of products with the help of HMIs in their vehicles. Looking into the near future, autonomous driving with in-car technologies shall open up possibilities of purchasing all kinds of products either related to the position but also completely independent in diverse forms for drivers and passengers. From the view of a car manufacturer, in-car shopping is not just a daily errand but rather a lifestyle, which delivers our customers inspiration and passion. Our goal is to exploit the advantages of the automotive specific ecosystem and use them to shape seamless, comfortable and entertaining shopping experiences for all our customers.

Marius Kohlhepp

Project Manager eCommerce After starting at Audi in 2008, Marius Kohlhepp has held various positions within strategic departments. In 2017 he took over the lead of the eCommerce project at Audi Digital Business. The project focuses on the development of an eCommerce platform which is a major building block of the future digital business for Audi.

Marcus Kühne

Strategy Lead Immersive Techs During his career, Marcus Kühne was always focused on very innovative topics. Following his start in product marketing in 2002, he moved to the electronic development and took over the predevelopment lead for next-generation interfaces. Since 2013 Marcus Kühne is in charge of the immersive tech strategy and helps to establish fascinating technologies as VR, AR and MR at Audi.

Wei Yu

Audi Graduate Programm - Collect Expertise After studying business administration at the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich, Wei Yu has been part of the Audi Graduate Program since November 2017 where she collects expertise in the field of digital business with a focus on eCommerce and functions on demand.


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