How might we merge biotech and AI to upgrade the user experience in mobility?

Emotions cannot simply be turned off in humans. That’s why they also occur again and again in traffic. Anger, stress, and annoyance can have a negative influence on driving behavior. This is a risk for others on the road. But it is precisely such emotions that can be measured. If such technology is built into the vehicle, it could record the mood and initiate countermeasures. These include relaxation techniques using light and sound. During the workspace, the participants were given an insight into the technology developed together with Nuralogix, and were able to test for themselves whether the countermeasures are effective.

Dr. Lena Rittger

Innovation User Experience Dr. Lena Rittger studied Psychology at the University of Wuerzburg, Germany and University of Otago, New Zealand. She majored in Human Factors and continued her research in the area of traffic psychology while completing her PhD in cooperation with Opel/GM Europe. After 5 years in the predevelopment of Active Safety Systems at Opel/GM, she joined AUDI Ingolstadt in 2017. Within the Innovations User Experience department she is responsible for different topics concerning user centered development, e.g. Driver Emotion and Personality, Motion Sickness, User Needs and Requirements.

Mario Weltermann

Head of Innovation Management Product Mario studied communication science, cybernetics and economics in Muenster, Germany. In addition, he spent one year at Fudan University in Shanghai where he acquired his Chinese language skills. Mario is currently based in Beijing, leading Audi's innovation activities within the R&D division, where he is exploring new product innovations in the field of emerging technologies, closely collaborating with startups, tech companies and universities. He previously worked in the field of strategy, sales & marketing and was project leader of Audi’s first generation of connected cars in China and Japan.

Ning’an Tang

Innovation Management Ning‘an graduated from university with a degree in automobile engineering in Shanghai, earned a Master’s Degree in computational linguistics in Hong Kong and later on completed an MBA in Germany. She has worked both in start-ups and MNCs in China, Germany and Sweden, across the fields of innovation management, new business development, engineering & production management. Currently she is a member of Audi’s innovation team and is responsible for predevelopment project management, focusing on scouting new technologies that will be a reality in the car of tomorrow.

Garry Wang

Innovation Management Garry Wang is an ex-serial entrepreneur with over 3 start-ups to his name. He is currently working as the Project Manager at the Innovation Management depart at Audi China. Garry completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Technology Sydney in the area of Business and Science in IT, and is now studying the Double Degree MBA Program at Cornell and Tsinghua University.