How might we reimagine the use of lithium-ion batteries in the era of electric mobility?

Did you know that smartphone batteries still have 70-80% life left after 2-3 years of use, OR that car batteries maintain a substantial capacity even after 10 years? At the same time, energy storage and batteries are essential for renewable energy solutions, rural electrification, and decentralized energy systems. Can used lithium-ion batteries become part of the solution? Or better recycle and manufacture new batteries out of the recyclates?

Alexander Kupfer

Specialist in Circular Economy Battery Alexander works as a project manager in the Sustainable Product Development department of AUDI AG. He specializes in the circular economy of batteries - i.e. the most comprehensive utilization of the valuable resource battery. Alexander is currently working on projects to make e-mobility an amplifier for the carbon-neutral energy transition.

Prodip Chatterjee

Co-Founder at Nunam​ Prodip is the Co-Founder of Nunam, focussing mainly on the non-technical topics of the project. Before launching Nunam, he held various positions in telecommunications and consulting. ​ ​ Prodip is passionate about relevant conceptual topics that address global problems at scale.

Joachim Wloka

Consultant Audi Environmental Foundation Joachim is project leader and initiator for various projects of enthusiasm for environment protection, awareness for environmental issues and greenovation. ​ ​ His favourite field of action is greenovation – to live the vision to bring environment topics to another level with technology. The project Nunam combines perfectly technological and social aspects for a liveable future.