How might we replace face-to-face communication through virtual reality?

In this workspace we explore new ways of virtual-reality-based collaboration, like how we extend user experience towards the capability to replace face-to-face meetings by VR or how we use VR within assembly planning.

Alma Hertwig

User Experience Specialist, AUDI AG As a psychologist, Alma Hertwig knows how people’s brains work. At the Audi production lab she strives to give the customers the best experience possible. She conveyed an impression of how virtual reality can be connected to the real world.

Jens Angerer

Team Lead Human Computer Interaction As a team leader for human-computer interfaces and adjunct professor for virtual reality and augmented reality, Jens Angerer aims to make science fiction - that he avidly reads - come to life sooner than later.

Dr. Henning Löser

Head of Audi Production Lab As Head of the Audi Production Lab Henning is working on Audi's future vision of the Smart Factory. He studied physics at the Philipps University of Marburg and joined AUDI AG in 2004. In the P-Lab he and his team are developing new technologies and production concepts and evaluating them in a real production environment.

Andrés Kohler

Team-Coordinator „Virtual Assembly Planning“ During his studies of industrial engineering Andrés Kohler became fascinated by the capability of the digital factory to improve the planning of production – building the first car in the digital factory. He develops digital methods and instruments for the assembly planning and is convinced that realizing a worldwide, collaborative virtual reality space based on the digital twin improves communication, helps us to handle the complexity of products and processes, and gives us an enormous potential to redesign the planning processes.

Bastian Küssel

Digital Methods and Techniques for Production Planning During Bastian´s studies of industrial engineering in Berlin his enthusiasm for the digital factory begun. Since 2015 Bastian‘s focus is the planning of automobile assemblies with digital methods and techniques. He is convinced that virtual-reality-based collaboration will open new chances in a complex worldwide production network.


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