How might we source imperceptible mobility potentials?

We are entering a multi-mobile age: our living spaces as well as our way of life will be shaped by globalisation, individualisation and urbanisation. Goods, information, data and ultimately we ourselves are constantly in motion and are subject to changes in time and space. However, the disposable resources are limited. In order to master this balancing act of new mobility, we want to exploit undiscovered potentials of multi-mobile systems for sustainable and user-oriented solutions.

Isabel Baron

Leader Innovation and Sustainability, PSW automotive engineering GmbH Since 2 years leader of innovation & sustainability after challenging positions in project management of series development, develop function for a new customer experience of future mobility, experiments with new methods to create an environment for innovation in a traditional engineering business.

Pedro Oliveira

Head of Department Technology and Innovation, PSW automotive engineering GmbH Experienced head of department with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Skilled in strategic planning, innovation and predevelopment processes.

Susan Gretchen Zöller

Expert in Strategy & Business Development, PSW automotive engineering GmbH After her PhD in the research field of user-centered-design, Susan Gretchen Zöller became an Expert in Strategy & Business Development. She develops methods and instruments to explicitly examine and describe subjective user experiences and value. The classification and characterization of users and product typologies and their direct application to product development processes are just a few examples.


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