How might we transport your personal digital environment into your vehicle?

Each day we chose from a multitude of applications, according to our individual preferences and requirements. Be it a quick check of our social media feeds (IG / FB / TikTok), extended leisure sessions (Netflix / Prime Video / YouTube), or work-related tools (Office / Zoom). Share your thoughts on how you would like to integrate your individual preferences while driving or being driven. How do preferences differ between generations?

Arnold Kieferle

UI / UX Design Innovations Arni has studied media design and worked for several digital agencies, where he was responsible for websites and app projects. As somebody who is not only into technology but also cars, he decided to join Audi's UI & UX Design team four years ago. After working at the Audi Design Studio Beijing, China, Arni is now responsible for new UI / UX design innovations at Audi Design.

Janina Hegewald

Product Manager Connected Infotainment - User Interfaces After starting at AUDI AG as an intern, Janina Hegewald has continued her career at Audi for the last six years, working on innovations in User Experience and User Interface. After finishing her Master of Science Degree in Management at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, she returned to the field of in-car digitization, being responsible for UX/UI from the product marketing perspective.