How valuable is a date?

How much has the value of data increased?
How can we measure the value of combinations of different data?
What kind of business models might evolve?
We answered so many more questions in this workspace.
We analyzed and rated the common customer, market and live-data.
We examined and evaluated combinations of different data in a given example.
We discussed who might be interested in buying those.
We also received precious insights and useful information for a whole new business model.

Matthias Frank

Head of Business Analytics, AUDI AG Matthias Frank works as a Business Analysis Manager at Audi. With his background in entrepreneurial studies he is especially skilled in developing businesses. He told us about business models evolving from the increasing value of data.

Bernd Nägel

Controlling Digitization, AUDI AG Bernd Nägel is working in the financial side of the car industry. He is controlling business activities around the mapping company HERE at Audi and shared his insights on the analysis and rating of common customers, markets and live-data.


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