Can collaboration boost innovation?

How can we set up a collaboration concept for startups and Audi?
What aspects are important for startups in order to establish a successful cooperation with Audi?
Is it access to latest equipment and technology or rather access to experts and decision makers?
We gained new perspectives in open debates and role plays.
We found out how agile and open-minded Audi is towards new ideas.
We met expert Daniel Cronin and helped to create a real win-win solution.

Janina Goldberg

Coordinator of Purchasing Department and Innovation Management, AUDI AG Janina Goldberg studied technology and management oriented business. Since 2011 she works for the Purchasing Department at Audi – And told us a lot about how agile and open-minded Audi is towards new ideas.

David Koegler

Buyer of Purchasing Department, AUDI AG With a degree in Business Studies David Koegler brings a deep understanding of business models and their implementation to the Audi Purchasing Department. He gave valuable insights on Audi's cooperation with startups.

Daniel Cronin

Co-founder and Member of the Board, AustrianStartups Daniel Cronin is a passionate entrepreneur, lecturer, presenter and keynote speaker. He made his name in the start up scene and is considered as one of the leading experts and trainers on pitching. This expertise is what he shared with us.


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