Workspace outcome

Dr. Andreas Blattner

Engineer HMI Functions and Pre-Development, Audi Electronics Venture GmbH Andreas Blattner was born in 1984 in Mainburg, Lower Bavaria. He studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Munich where his focus was first on mechatronics and information technology. He later added the subject of HMI. Blattner wrote his diploma thesis at Audi and his doctoral dissertation on the subject of haptic touch technology at AEV. He has worked since 2010 as a pre-development engineer for the Audi subsidiary.

Dr. Benjamin Poppinga

Research and Development Engineer, Audi Electronics Venture GmbH Benjamin Poppinga was born in 1985 in Emden. After qualifying for university he studied informatics in Oldenburg with a focus on embedded systems and microrobotics. He then worked at OFFIS - Institute for Informatics and at the University of Oldenburg. At the same time he pursued his doctorate, which revolved around HMI concepts in navigation. After first working as a freelancer, Poppinga joined AEV in 2015 as a pre-development engineer.


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