What makes me trust my digital assistant?

What kind of character should my digital assistant have?
How much have digital assistants learned over the past few years?
What should the in-car experience look like?
We answered these questions and discussed even newer ones.
We examined and analyzed different ways of interacting with digital assistants.
We evaluated the strengths and weaknesses in human-machine-communication.
We examined the connections between other digital assistants.
We paved the way for the next generation of AI devices.

Andreas Blattner

Engineer HMI Functions and Pre-Development, Audi Electronics Venture GmbH Andreas Blattner is an engineer at Audi’s HMI function- and pre-development department. He is an expert on efficient and intuitive control concepts for in-vehicle information systems – and undoubtedly told us, if we should trust our digital assistants.

Dr. Benjamin Poppinga

Research and Development Engineer, Audi Electronics Venture GmbH Dr. Benjamin Poppinga is a research and development engineer at Audi. His mission is to make interactive systems smarter, so that they provide the most crucial information first and interrupt users less.


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