How do smart grids support sustainable e-mobility?

What are the challenges of future e-mobility ecosystems?
Who is involved in their set-up and maintenance?
And what are their differing needs?
In this workspace we fathomed these and many more questions.
We assumed the perspective of a customer, a car manufacturer or an energy provider and carved out your needs, objectives and challenges.
We elaborated on the necessary measures and compared notes with other teams.
In the end we had a possible foundation for a future business model in the e-mobility sector.

Bernhard Meier

Project Manager Smart Energy, AUDI AG Bernhard Meier is working on e-mobility at Audi. He holds a lot of knowledge on battery systems and cells. As a smart energy expert he was able to give great input on the challenges of future e-mobility ecosystems.

Eugen Filippenko

Product Marketing Electrification, AUDI AG Eugen Filippenko started his career on the other side of e-mobility – at E.ON, one of the biggest electricity suppliers in Germany. As a product marketer he knows about the customer's perspective on electrification.

Josef Schön

Corporate Strategy Sustainability, AUDI AG Josef Schön brings 20 years of experience to the summit. He is a specialist in business strategies – especially concerning sustainability. He shared tons of valuable information about the link between sustainability and e-mobility.


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