What makes a swarm intelligent production ingenious?

What could we copy from nature and paste into a swarm intelligence assembly system?
Are there intelligent patterns we can learn from and transfer to the production system?
We worked towards answering these questions.
We studied the new production process and took an in-depth look into the principles of nature’s swarm intelligence.
We applied the findings and ideas to a new production unit.
We developed a list of recommendations to be implemented.
We learned about and improved a state-of-the-art technology for the industry.

Wolfgang Kern

Audi Production Lab, AUDI AG Wolfgang Kern works at the Audi Production Lab. Until mid 2017 he was tackling the question of modular assembly system as alternative to assembly line production as a PhD candidate. He shared his scientificly based knowledge on production.

Stefanie Augustine

Audi Production Lab, AUDI AG Stefanie Augustine is a part of Audi Production Lab. She brings a background in sociology and political science as well as ecology and environmental questions. Her scientificly based knowledge on production enriched the workspace’s discussion.

Fabian Rusitschka

Co-Founder & CEO, arculus GmbH Fabian Rusitschka is the Managing Director of arculus GmbH – a start-up in modular production. He told us which influences his driverless transport-systems have and where the future of production lies.


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