Workspace outcome

Marcus Kühne

Strategy Lead Immersive Technologies, AUDI AG Since 2013 Marcus Kühne leads the project for Audi VR experience and general immersive technology strategy on the sales site. As a real VR enthusiast he was able to give insights on which realities move us forward.

Daniel Profendiner

Immersive Technologies Developer, Audi Electronics Venture GmbH Immersive Technologies Developer Daniel Profendiner works as a software engineer at Audi Electronics Venture GmbH. There he is responsible for the predevelopment of piloted driving systems. He shared his knowledge on building concepts and experiences for AR and VR.

Dirk Schart

Head of PR & Marketing, RE’FLEKT Dirk Schart is Head of PR and Marketing at RE’FLEKT – Europes leading AR-company for industry solutions. He is co-writer of the AR-book „Praxishandbuch Augmented Reality“ and shared his experiences of ten years in AR-, VR- and data glasses-business.


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