Workspace outcome

Dr. Henning Löser

Head of Audi Production Lab, AUDI AG The physicist Dr. Henning Löser is the Head of Audi's Production Lab. He adds a lot of experience in technology development to the summit. With his guidance we gained deep insights on future production techniques.

Michael Günter

Process Technology Method Developer, AUDI AG For almost ten years now Michael Günter is diving deep into VR and AR – since 2014 for Audi. He shared his insights on the development of technologies shaping the future mobility by glueing real life experiences and virtual realties together.

Alma Hertwig

User Experience Designer, AUDI AG As a psychologist Alma Hertwig knows how people’s brains work. At the Audi Production Lab she strives to give the customers the best experience possible. She conveyed an impression of how VR be connected to the real world.


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