How might we interlink ethical aspects with new digital technologies?

Sustainability with the focus on moral and ethical aspects is one of the most important topics of the future. Customer requirements, digital technologies and guiding frameworks for companies are changing constantly. Focusing on these topics can make the difference. This workspace is about considering moral aspects and values recognized in society while using new digital technologies as a car producer in the future.

Elke Neidlein

Head of Integrity, Communication, Training, AUDI AG Elke joined the Audi Akademie in 2003 as a marketing specialist. Since 2015 she has been responsible for several training activities for AUDI AG. Currently, Elke combines her communication and training expertise in her leadership role in training and communication activities for the Compliance and Integrity department.

Miklos Kiss

Manager Special Characteristics in Software, AUDI AG Miklos is a senior expert in communication, UI and UX. In his career he has held various roles, e.g as head of human factors and HMI at the Volkswagen Group research department, Head of Audi's Accident Research Unit AARU, and Head of Predevelopment ADAS and Automated Driving. Miklos is a manager of radical innovation and special characteristics in software (Golden Rules) at Audi.