MQ! Innovation Summit

The future of mobility means a lot more than just getting from A to B. It has an impact on everybody’s life. Every person has to face the challenges and opportunities coming along with it. That is why we established the annual MQ! Innovation Summit. We? That is Audi.

With the MQ! Innovation Summit, we wish to provide a platform for everybody fostering an open and transparent dialogue about the future of mobility. #neverstopquestioning is our guiding principle for the event, with key questions revolving around: What is mobility? Which are its dimensions? And can we measure it? MQ! participants find the perfect environment for assessing these questions together – with other experts, thought leaders, scientists, visionaries, forward thinkers … with you. We want to find answers. We want to come closer to defining a quotient to assess mobility: the Mobility Quotient.

Highlights -